Becca's Bio.

By Adam.

The tale of how a bright, Washington University in St. Louis educated young woman who holds a Masters in Computer Science and was raised by two scientist parents, managed to develop a love of terrible teen girl movies (if it has Amanda Bynes or Mandy Moore then it's in our DVD collection) and fell in love with a balding man seems like a fascinating one. But it isn't, so let's just get on with it, shall we?

Rebecca Miller-Webster was the first born child of Rob Webster and Josephine Miller (hence the hyphenated last name). Shortly after having Rebecca, Rob and Jo made the decision to have another child (umm...what's her name? Mumbly Jo...Jebbie...whatever, it's not important). I can only assume this decision was made to give Becca someone to bully/steal from/stay at her apartment during vacations. Becca took full advantage of this situation, though did suffer some blowblack when her sister "accidentally" hit her in the face with a golf club. The foursome made their happy home in the town of Oak Park, Illinois. A town best known as the home town of Cry Uncle director John Avildsen (he also directed the lesser known films Rocky and The Karate Kid) as well as Twinkie inventor James Dewar.

Becca led a typical adolesence: getting up at the crack of dawn and driving an hour to figure skating lessons, going to England to stay with strangers, typical teen stuff. Her legacy of figure skating haunts us today, since apparently repeatedly falling down hard on ice tends to cause injuries. (shocking!) In high school, Becca made the important discovery of non-terrible music, an important step for someone who was a Mariah Carey fan at the time. Discovering the Descendents first, she went from there. Becca also took an interest in learning to play guitar and write songs, an activity she continues to this day.

After high school, Becca took her Brain to Smith College to begin studying Women's Studies and Computer Science. During her time at Smith, Becca studied abroad in Australia and did other stuff that isn't as interesting (if Becca told me any other stories, I found them so uninteresting that I breezed out).

After two years at Smith and one year off from school, Becca transfered to Washington University in St. Louis. She was introduced to Adam Hardy. She immediatley feel madly in love (or so I like to believe). Since Adam lived 2 hours away, the two took turns visiting each other every other weekend.

Becca used her time in St. Louis to perform on stage for the first time, doing a series of open mike nights before playing her own shows. She would later go on to form two bands that, like most bands, dissolved fairly rapidly.

In 2006, Becca finished college and took an job offer with Lehman Brothers in New York. Adam and Becca packed their bags and headed to a very expensive and very tiny apartment in Brooklyn. Becca made the most of New York, volunteering her time for the local CSA, joining the advisory board of the Willie Mae Rock Camp for other words, actually doing something about things she cares about. (I prefer to complain and not doing anything about it.) Becca also showed great wisdom in leaving Lehman Brother in plenty of time to avoid it's epic collapse.

Nowadays Becca bides her time creating iPhone apps, reading Adam Smith, and doing a variety of other things that sound flat out confusing to me. But you know, she's confusing in a good way.