Adam's Bio.

By Becca.

Adam's topics of conversation are limited almost exclusively to politics, punk rock, Joss Whedon and baseball. (Sorry Cubs fans, he's a Cardinals fan.) Lately, he's been obsessed with Lyndon Johnson (after reading the 3 published volumes of Johnson's biography by Robert Caro), the newest Green Day album, whether or not Dollhouse will get canceled (it did) and some baseball stuff. He wants me to point out that overall his top obsessions are Ralph Nader, the punk band Bad Religion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ... some baseball stuff. I would not recommend betting against his knowledge of baseball. Sometimes I ask him about random baseball statistics from a random year just to see if he knows the answer. He does.

Adam was born in Shelbina, Missouri the youngest of twelve. That's not a typo. He's the youngest of TWELVE. I can even name them all! Look: Marsha, Melinda, Maria, Kathi, Lynn, Amy, Christy, Carrie, Jon, Amanda, Andy, and Adam. His parents met at a nuclear bomb factory (you can't make this stuff up) and his dad was, among other things, a farmer growing one of the only two crops that people grow in the midwest: soy beans. I'm constantly asking Adam what a combine is and he's constantly telling me and then I forget and the cycle starts all over again. Adam lived briefly in Scranton, PA in 2002 and then moved back to Columbia, MO which is where I met him.

Adam played bass in the pop-punk band The Klopecs for 10 years and briefly played for the New York City band Charm School. (The lead singer of which, incidentally, dated Joey Ramone which is simultaneously cool and gross.) I might be biased but he's one of the best rock bassists I've ever heard in my life. He also plays guitar ... much better than me.

Adam started doing Tae Bo a couple years ago and will exclaim the benefits of it to anyone who will listen. He's also been know to walk from Manhattan to our apartment over the Queensboro Bridge or, recently, over the Brooklyn Bridge on the days he doesn't want to or can't do Tae Bo. Sometimes he takes walks just to explore and consequently has seen more of New York City than I have. Adam flew in a plane for the first time in 2006 when he moved to New York City with me. He arrived at the airport 6 hours early. As I'm generally late and he's generally way early, we tend to arrive to stuff on time. It works out well.

Lately, he's been watching a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the Simpsons have a regular place in our DVD player. Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, Keith Olberman, and Myth Busters grace our TV regularly. As might be obvious by the aforementioned reading of a total of 3,000 pages on Lyndon Johnson, reading's been a big part of his life since he was little and his mom took him to the library. Sometimes he plays baseball video games.

Adam learned how to cut and paste on the computer in 2003 and now is the go-to person for the admission software at his job as the Office Manager at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. In other words, he's a quick guy.

Adam makes me laugh. I'd describe him as sardonic. He also sometimes talks to Maverick (our dog) in a baby voice. He's embarrassed right now but I think it's a adorable. We are probably the record holders for having a debate in which both parties pretty much agree with each other. Fortunately, we both enjoy that.

Adam makes a mean hamburger and is an excellent "is this meat done?" checker. He always eats my cooking and never complains even if he hates it. The biggest compliment I've ever received from him was when he told me that a dish with beets in it was "bearable."

His feet cannot be under the covers when he sleeps and Maverick would like more than anything to sleep with his nose in Adam's armpit. Adam refuses to allow this. Maverick is slowly wearing him down.

Bottom line: Adam's swell. I think you'll like him.